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MuscleSurf - offers many nutritional supplements at greatly reduced prices. They have a full line of supplements for weightlifters and other athletes.  The site even includes "Information Guides" describing various products, "What's the best ...?" articles to help you pick out the best high-quality, reasonably priced brand, customer reviews of products, and other helpful buying guides. - WebVitamins offers incredible prices on vitamins, protein powders and bars, and other weightlifting-related supplements. WebVitamins truly does have the lowest prices I have seen on the Web for many quality products.

American Powerlift Evolution - "This little website of is entirely non-profit and intended for educational purposes only. I've put up at my own expense because I love this sport and because I feel a need to pay homage to powerlifting's many forgotten legends and pioneers from way WAY back! also happens to be a great place to revisit the sport's origins through the pages of some of the greatest magazines ever published."

Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Tips - "Mass Gaining, Powerlifting, Weight Training Diet/Nutrition, Safety, Stretching, Technique, Workouts."

Cyberpump - The Home of HIT (High Intensity Training). 

E-normous - "E-normous can help you with your powerlifting or weightlifting routine whether you are a powerlifter or just interested in building muscle mass."

  - "Your source for foundational strength and power knowledge. Explosivelyfit Training Systems provides Conditioning and  Strength information, programs and routines based on scientific fact, not anecdotal gym talk, and old wives tales.  We believe that establishing a basic foundation of strength is a critical first step to your improved physical fitness."

Get Big - "#1 Source of American Bodybuilding & Fitness Info." Many articles and other helpful info.

Hardgainer Bodybuilding/ Weightlifting FAQ - "A Hardgainer is a genetically-typical person .... Such people cannot gain lots of strength using VOLUME training, but a hardgainer can make impressive gains using less frequent workouts with considerably less volume."

Iron Pit - "A website for hardcore Powerlifters, Weightlifters, Strongmen and any other strength athlete not afraid of sweat & hard work."

Iron Subculture - " The UNBIASED information source for hardcore lifters."

Powerlifting USA - The premier powerlifting magazine.

Power Page - Helpful training routines, proper ways to do the powerlifts, and an interesting "Theoretical Max Chart" for estimating one's 1RM from multiple-reps.

Power Unlimited The Movie - "Welcome to the official movie Website." - "the Internet's leading source of information on the world's ultimate strength sport.... provides anyone involved or interested in Powerlifting with an easy to navigate directory of online Powerlifting resources, ranging from rules and regulations to events and competition results."

Powerlifting Today - Articles, interviews, and other info.

Powerlifting Watch - "Keeping an Eye on the Powerlifting Scene." A major powerlifting site. Many articles, a forum, details on different feds, and other info. Also, three separate Top 100 Charts for raw, single-ply, and multi-ply lifters.

Powerlifting Journal - "We intend to bring training and education to you the powerlifter."

Powerlifter's Corner - Here you will find a potpourri of things we think may be beneficial to you in your pursuit of the ultimate total.

Tom's Power Page - I hope to provide you with some useful and entertaining tidbits pertaining to the world of powerlifting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments that you might have." Features pictures of "Iron Babes."

United States Anti-Doping Agency - "USADA is dedicated to preserving the well being of Olympic sport, the integrity of competition, and ensuring the health of athletes."

Weightlifting Dictionary - "Dictionary of Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and Exercise Terms and Techniques."

World Strength Legends - "It is the explicit aim of this website to pay a tribute to America's legends in the strength field as well as an information hub for great Americans in strength athletics including such diverse activities as powerlifting, weightlifting, highland games and strongman/woman contests." Especially interesting on this site is the article Raw Powerlifting.

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