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APT Pro Weightlifting Gear - "Weight Lifting Equipment, Bodybuilding Equipment, Powerlifting Equipment, Strongman Equipment, Sports Equipment and more...." Excellent wraps, also wrist bands, knee sleeves, and other powerlifting equipment. - "CRAIN is owned and operated by 5 Time World Powerlifting Champion, Rickey Dale Crain. CRAIN has been supplying you with the best possible products since 1978. We are the manufacturer of the Okie Power Bars, Power Suit, Genesis Power Suit, CX1 & CX2 Squat & Deadlift Suits and Bench Shirts." Also Genesis knee and wrist wraps, my favorite wraps.

Crepinsek Strength Equipment - "Most of our products are in house designs and all are made in the USA. We began our transition to specialized Strength and Fitness Equipment from medical and security equipment over 15 years ago... Products are targeted in and around the power rack. This allows serious athletes and persons with back, shoulder and knee problems to safely train alone without spotters."

Elite Fitness - "Advanced sports training into the 21st century." Powerlifting gear and equipment available, including the Texas Power Bar, which I got for my home gym. Also, some quality articles on powerlifting, including the "Westside" training method..

Elite Sculptures - Powerlifting awards that look like powerlifting. All very low affordable pricing.

EO Sportsgear - Strength Training Gear and Apparel. Wraps, Sleeves, Belts, Socks, Singlets and apparel.

Frantz Power Gear - Custom made powerlifting suits, briefs, and shirts. Wraps and other gear also available.

Fred Hatfield, Dr. Squat - "Powerlifting, Weight Training, and Fitness Articles and Advice" from the first man to officially squat over 1,000 pounds.

Forza Strength Systems - "Power Lifting Equipment, Strength Training. Since 1981, Forza Strength Systems has produced impressive commercial and competition grade strength equipment acclaimed by the most powerful athletes in the world and trusted for heavy use in commercial facilities."

Ginny's Power Gear - Makes customized double-canvas squat suits and double-denim bench shirts.

Inzer Advance Designs - "committed to making the purest leading-edge powerlifting gear in the world available to athletes around the world. Through the continual design and manufacture of the top performing gear, IAD grew to become the leading supplier of powerlifting gear."

Iron Gladiators - "Powerlifting equipment, T-shirts, videos, accessories, supplements, and a message board."

Jump Stretch Inc - The "Original" flex bands. "FlexBands are the original continuous loop bands used by pro baseball, football and basketball teams, as well as powerlifters."

Karen's Xtreme Powerwear -  Karen makes customized double-denim shirts and suits.

LiftingLarge - "Mike and Teale Adelmann formed to provide powerlifters with a one stop shop for the best powerlifting equipment. We want you to exceed and increase your personal records in the gym and break records at the meet." Markets of Titan gear.

MonsterMuscle - "The Powerlifting Superstore." They do have everything a powerlifting could need, and then some.

New York Barbell - Has everything needed to set up a home or commercial gym. I purchased much of what I needed for my home gym from NYB. Most of their stuff is high-quality. However, I must warn the reader against getting their "FID Bench." It is much higher and narrower than a standard bench, making it very difficult to use. their flat benches are fine, but if you want a incline and or incline/ decline bench, get it form York Barbell (see below).

Repboards - With the Repboard, the boards are attached to you, allowing you to perform board pressing without a partner and reap all the benefits!

Titan Support Systems - "For the Finest in Powerlifting and Strength Training Equipment and Supplements, plus Training Advice and Information from World Champions." 

PL Gear Online - "All stock USAPL/IPF approved Titan NXG+ Fury & F6 shirts, Centurions (used for both squat & deadlift), suit slip-ons, PowerWash, the new THP Knee and Wrist Wraps. I promise fast service and shipping!"

WTU: Suppliers - A list of gear and equipment companies, by Weight Trainer's United.

York Barbell - Also has everything needed to set up a home or commercial gym. If I had found this site sooner, I probably would have gotten the equipment for my home gym form here. "As the 'Strongest Name in Fitness' we will develop, manufacture and distribute quality strength and fitness products that enhance athletic performance and improve quality of life. We will surpass the expectations of our retail dealers and institutional accounts by providing world class professionalism and service."

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