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Weight Trainers United forum - This is the forum I participate in. I like it as no "flames," foul language, and the like are allowed. It is purely an encouraging forum, not one that tears other lifters down like many others. Most of the participants are powerlifters, but there's a few strongman competitors as well.

APA Powerlifting Forum - "The place to ask questions about APA & WPA Powerlifting, rules, contests, etc." - The Web site for the newsgroup. "We exchange information on everything that has to do with weightlifting, from nutrition to training routines."

Big Bear's Drug Free Training - "The purpose for this community is to aid people with weight training. I tend to think that too many individuals make training overly complicated. It's this simple: train hard --- eat good --- rest. Follow these three steps and you will see results."

Christian Powerlifters of America - "Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

DeepSquatter Forums - A variety of powerlifting related forums. But you have to register and log in to view most of them.

Hardcore Lifting Forum - "This is a board for training, it is not a debates board, nor is it a place to discuss politics, movies etc etc."

Monster Muscle Forum - "This forum is solely for the purpose of exchanging ideas pertaining to the sport of powerlifting. The forum is shared by Monster Muscle Magazine and The Powerlifting Superstore." - Web site for this weightlifting newsgroup. See also the FAQ.

Power Forum - by Crain's Muscle World, the company that makes the powerlifting gear that I utilize. Forums -  A variety of different forums.

Weightlifting Discussion Board Official Website - Home for the weightlifting discussion board, along with articles, book reviews, and short bio's of common posters to the boards. Also home of the diet discussion board.

XP3 Forums - "Powered by Invision Power Board." Several different forums, hosted by Nutrition XP3 Power Nutrition Plan.

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Books and eBooks by the Director