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Fitness for One and All's Dealing with Health Difficulties pages.

Annie's Chronic Illness/Pain Survivors Page - "Our weakness is a perfect opportunity for us to be examples of God's divine power and strength that is manifest through and in us." Christian discussion on pain, with many links. By Annie's Home Page.

Invisible Disabilities Advocate - "Helping people understand chronic, debilitating illness."

PAIN - "Mega Reading and Resource Page. 1205 Dedicated Pain, Medicine & Disability Links — With More Coming Soon!"

UW Bone and Joint Sources - Much information on pain and its management.

We Media - "to empower persons with disabilities, their families and friends by being a conduit for education, knowledge, technology, entertainment, and numerous other services in an exciting, convenient, and accessible fashion."

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Fitness for One and All Home Page

Books and eBooks by the Director