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Fitness for One and All's NAET Allergy Treatments pages.

NAET - "Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques. NAET, is an innovative and completely natural method for regaining better health with often permanent freedom from allergies and the diseases arising from those allergens."

Acupuncture Wellness Center - With information on NAET.

Alternative Health Directory: NAET - From Health Plus Web.

Ask Dr. Z: NAET - Questions and answers on NAET.

BioSET - "The Ultimate Allergy Cure." Similar to NAET.

Desert Mountain Health Center - Information on the practice of Dr. Martha Bergner, located in  Tucson, Arizona. Provides info on NAET.

Kimberly Center - "Chiropractic & Complementary Medicine." Info on NAET, Applied Kinesiology, and other treatment methods.

NAET Australia - "Bringing allergy elimination to the Western Pacific Rim."

NAET Holistic Centre UK - "Allergy and Asthma Elimination Treatment - NAET can typically test, treat, and permanently eliminate any allergy, food intolerance, and environmental sensitivity within 25 hours."

Pain Release Clinic - Alternative practitioner on the south side of Pittsburgh, PA. "Dr. James Winer is one of the leading pioneers in the natural health field. For over thirty years he has been on the cutting edge of the alternative health movement, having served in a wide variety of capacities." Performs NAET-type treatments.

What Exactly Is NAET? - From About - The Human Internet.

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