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MuscleSurf - offers many nutritional supplements at greatly reduced prices. They have a full line of supplements for weightlifters and other athletes.  The site even includes "Information Guides" describing various products, "What's the best ...?" articles to help you pick out the best high-quality, reasonably priced brand, customer reviews of products, and other helpful buying guides.

100 Pushups for breakfast - "Seriously, no kidding, 50, 60,…100 pushups for breakfast, in one piece! Are you thinking that there is no way YOU could do this? Well, I say that there IS way YOU can do 100 pushups at once. I say that with a help of a good plan, some discipline and 30 minutes a week, you can achieve this goal!"

Christian Fitness - Basic fitness advice, but with a Christian perspective.

ExplosivelyFit Strength Training - "Dedicated to those who care enough about their good health to actually do something positive to improve it on a daily basis."

Exercise Zone - "dedicated to giving you the type of information that will help you reach the fitness goals you set for yourself. Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, increase your endurance or just get in top shape, the info you find here should help you."

Fit 4 Fun Youth and Adaptive Fitness - "Ultimately, by teaching students the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle, my goal is that they will live long, healthy, and active lives."

Fit Friends - Several fitness related forums, including ones for dieters, weightlifters, men, women, seniors, nutrition and supplements, and others.

Fitness Bible - "Exercise & Free Fitness Tips | Workout Tips."

ExRx - "(Exercise Prescription) Online is a internet resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast."

HB2K Fitness Directory - "where FITNESS Rules the Web!" Search engine dedicated to fitness/ nutrition sites only.

How to Lose Weight | Weight Loss Tips | Losing Weight -

Hyperstrike: Weight Lifting Workout - Get Fit With HyperStrike! We offer effective workout that constantly challenges you and helps you attain results.

John Berardi - "Human Performance and Nutrition Consulting." Includes "free articles numbering in the hundreds and growing monthly."

Journal of Performance Enhancement - "dedicated to presenting accurate scientific information about athletic performance enhancement."

Learn How to Build Muscle - "Quickly and easily get the body you always dreamt of."

Phil Kaplan - "Fitness and Weight Loss Solutions."

Shape Up America! - "Our website is designed to provide you with the latest information about safe weight management, healthy eating, increased activity and physical fitness."

Sports Science - "A Peer-Reviewed Site for Sport Research."

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Books and eBooks by the Director