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Type a search with the words that you are looking for in the entry box, then click [Search].

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Use double quotes to protect the words "and", "or", or "not" in a phrase.

 Query   Gets the documents with 
 strength training  'strength' or 'training' or both 
 "strength training"   the phrase 'strength training' 
 +strength +training  'strength' and 'training'
 +strength -training  'strength' but not 'training' 
 +exercise -"strength training"   'exercise' but not 'strength training' 
 (exercise OR training) NOT strength   'exercise' or 'training', without 'strength' 

Not case sensitive. The ranked results will come from a total match on the words and phrases which you supply, so try to think of several specific terms for your topic and spell them correctly. It may help to include important plurals and derived words too, like [address addresses contact contacting information].

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