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Made in Nature, Organic Raisins

Good taste and price and organic

My pre-workout snack is a bowl of cereal, with fruit and nuts added to it. The fruit is usually raisins, as they are easy to digest. And I need to use organic raisins as I am sensitive to pesticides. These raisins are organic, taste as good as any, and the price is very good for 15 ounces. But one small caveat is the container is not very sturdy. The top of the carton is cardboard with no rim, so it tends to fall apart with use. But otherwise a great product.


Crown Prince Natural, Alaskan Pink Salmon*

Very healthy and tasty

Salmon is an incredibly healthy food,  being high in essential Omega 3s. Fatty fish like salmon are is the best natural sources of vitamin D (next to sunshine). And it is a good source of protein, calcium, and many other nutrients. And unlike some fish, salmon tends not be contaminated with mercury. Canned salmon makes it very convenient to incorporate salmon into your diet, just open the can and eat. I do so regularly for my morning snack. And this Crown Prince brand is extra valuable in that is is unsalted and uses wild salmon, which has even more of the essential Omega 3s than farm-raised salmon.


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