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Nairn's Inc, Oat Cookies, Mixed Berries

Great tasting, whole grain oats, and low in sugar

For my mid-morning snack, I eat a hard-boiled egg or some kind of canned fish like salmon and a piece of fruit. That provides protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help my body recover from the previous day's workout. But sometimes that is not enough calories. The next thing to add would be a source of carbs for muscle glycogen-replenishment. And these Nairn's cookies fit the bill. They're a little expensive, but not too bad, and they're very healthy, being mostly whole grain oats and all natural. They only contain two grams of sugar each, but still taste very good. So I often eat one or two of these cookies with my morning snack.


Nairn's Inc, Oat Cookies, Dark Chocolate Chip

Good chocolate taste

Chocolate lovers will like these cookies as the chocolate taste is very good. They are whole grain and low in sugar, so they are healthy for a cookie. I eat one or two with my morning snack.


Nairn's Inc, Scottish Oat Crackers, Roughly Milled

Crispy without being hard

Most crackers are made of wheat, but these use whole grain oats, so they are very healthy. They are crispy without being hard. They are a little dry, but taste very good with a little nut butter and jelly on them. They are great for when I am still a little bit hungry after a meal.


Nairn's Inc, Organic, Scottish Oat Crackers

Not necessary to get organic

Grains tend not to draw up as much pesticides as fruits and veggies, so I wasn't sure if I needed to get organic when I ordered Nairn crackers. So to be sure, I ordered one box of these organic crackers and one box of Nairn's regular Scottish Oat Crackers. As it turned out, despite being sensitive to pesticides, the regular ones did not bother me at all, and both versions taste the same. So it really is not necessary to pay the extra buck plus to get organic. But if you insist on eating everything organic, then these are great crackers.


Mi-Del Cookies, Honey Grahams*

Good alternative to commercial grahams

These graham crackers use whole wheat, honey, and molasses, unlike commercial grahams that use refined flour and sugar. These grahams also do not contain artificial ingredients, like many commercial grahams do. So they are a good alternative if you like graham crackers. But if you are allergic to soy, be careful as they contain soy oil and soy lecithin.


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