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I, Gary F. Zeolla, am the director of Fitness for One and All. I am an All-time top ranked and record holding powerlifter, despite having experienced many health problems in my life. For about me, see My Life Story. With all I have been through, overcome, and accomplished, it is now my passion to help others achieve their health, fitness, and performance goals. To that end, I set up this Fitness for One and All (FOA) website. It went online July 12, 2003. I also began publishing the free FitTips for One and All email newsletter. I am the author of all items on this site and in the newsletter unless otherwise indicated.

Background of FOA

FOA actually has its roots in my Christian Darkness to Light (DTL) website. The DTL website went online in July of 1996. Its content was and is Christian oriented. But I eventually began posting information about the health problems I was suffering with and how I was dealing with them. I did so as it was my hope that my experiences would be of help to others. When I began powerlifting again, I also began posting articles about powerlifting and fitness in general.

But it seemed “out of place” to keep posting so much material on health, powerlifting, and fitness on my Christian DTL site. As such, I decided to combine these materials together into a separate site. It is because some of the articles on this site were previously posted on the DTL site that the date of initial posting as indicated on them is actually before the time this site went online.

The name “Fitness for One and All” reflects the diversity of the material covered in the articles and other items seen on this site and in the newsletter. There truly is information in these sources that are directed to people with a wide variety health, fitness, and performance goals.


The only advertising that I will accept for this site is for companies and products that I personally utilize and can fully endorse. So you can be sure that any ads you see on this site are for worthwhile products. There are also ads for books I have written. I will try to keep the advertising as unintrusive as possible. But, of course, support of the advertisers and purchase of my books is greatly appreciated and will enable FOA to remain online and give me the ability to post new materials. See Recommended Online Merchants and Products for a list of advertisers and Books and eBooks by the Director for a list of my books.


It is my hope and prayer that this site will be of help to the reader, regardless of where you are health, fitness, or performance-wise. Be sure to check back often as I have lots of new materials to post in the near future. The What’s New? page will list all such materials. And don’t forget to subscribe to the FitTips newsletter! . To contact me, use the email link at Contact Information.

The above article was last updated December 28, 2016.

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