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Creationist Diet - What did God give to human beings for food? What does the Bible teach about diet and nutrition? How do the Biblical teachings on foods compare to scientific research on nutrition and degenerative disease like heart disease, cancer, and stroke? These and other questions are addressed in this book.  By Gary F. Zeolla, the director of Fitness for One and All.

Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook - By medical chemist Donal O'Mathuna  and physician Walt Larimore. Offering a medially reliable and Biblically sound evaluation of popular alternative therapies.

Advanced Nutritional Therapies - By Kenneth H. Cooper. Drawing on the very latest scientific findings, Dr. Cooper covers nutritional and medical issues from A to Z, over 100 subjects as diverse as alcohol, chicken soup, depression, folic acid, insomnia, melatonin, stress, vitamins, and yogurt.

Can Stress Heal? - By Kenneth H. Cooper. Provides the most comprehensive medically proven program yet devised for converting the pressures of life into significant health benefits.

Faith Based Fitness - By Kenneth H. Cooper. An ideal book to read for the person wanting to get into shape. Provides all the information needed for starting an exercise program, and the motivation to keep with it.

Regaining the Power of Youth at Any Age - By Kenneth H. Cooper. Overview of exercise, nutritional practices, stress reduction techniques, and other factors that will help one feel if not young again, at least much better.

Back Pain

The reading of books by Dr. John Sarno enabled me to overcome six years of crippling low back pain. So I would highly recommend all three books by Sarno. His main theses is that suppressed emotions like anger are at the root of most back pain. Fred Amir's book also provided some additional helpful information. For details on my recovery, see the eBooklet  Overcoming Back Pain.

Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. By  John Sarno (1991). This was the first book by Sarno that I read. And it is the book that made Sarno famous as a back pain doctor. Many people have recovered from back pain just by reading this book.

Mind Over Back Pain . By  John Sarno (1982). This is Sarno's first book. It is small, but it does provide some helpful information.

Mindbody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain. By  John Sarno. 1998. This is Sarno's most recent book. In it, Sarno not only applies his theories of pain to back pain but to other forms of pain and other health problems as well.

Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain. Fred Amir (1999). Amir's book is based on Sarno's ideas. What Amir adds to Sarno's treatment methods is the use of visualization to help speed up recovery.


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