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Information on Microsoft Reader®  eBooks

The following information only applies to the purchase and download of Books and eBooks by the Director in Microsoft Reader® format.

Download Instructions for Microsoft Reader® eBooks

To view Microsoft Reader® eBooks, you need to first download the free Microsoft Reader®. It  is available for download from Microsoft's site. Click here to download Microsoft Reader®.

To purchase an eBook in Microsoft Reader® format, click on the PayPal graphic. You will then be taken to a check-out form on PayPal's site. If you already have an account with PayPal, you will be asked for your e-mail address and password.  If you do not already have an account, you can sign-up with PayPal now before ordering, or while ordering you will be given the chance to sign-up.

After you make your payment, follow the "Click here to continue" link to return to this site to download the eBook. You can only purchase and download one Microsoft Reader® eBook at a time. On the download page you will be given the option to go to the Books and eBooks by the Director page and order additional books.

When you click the download link on the download page, a download window will pop up. Chose "Save this file to disk" (Internet Explorer) or "Save file ..." (Netscape) and save the file into your "My Library" folder. By default, Microsoft Reader® installs this folder in your "My Documents" folder.

If the download window is still open after the download finishes, click "Open" and the book will open automatically in the Reader. If not, then either double-click on the file and it will open up in the Reader, or start the Reader and open the book from the "Library."

To use the book on a Pocket PC, transfer the file onto the device into the My Library folder. But please note, given the manner in which these books were formatted, it is possible that the "Find" function in the Pocket PC Reader might not work. This problem might be corrected with a future Microsoft Pocket PC Reader upgrade.

If you have any problems, please contact me.

Security and Privacy

PayPal's security protocols and privacy policy is posted on their Web site. Fitness for One and All does not have access to personal information collected by PayPal. But the director of FOA does receive an e-mail notice when someone pays through PayPal. This e-mail includes the purchaser's name and e-mail address and information on the item purchased. Only the director has access to this information, and it is not distributed in any way.

Purchasers of Microsoft Reader® eBooks will receive a free subscription to the FitTips newsletter. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, simply reply to the newsletter with "remove" in the subject line, and your name will be promptly removed.

FOA's full privacy policy is posted on this site.


The copyright on all Microsoft Reader® eBooks is as follows: Copyright © (year) by Gary F. Zeolla. All rights reserved. The book can only be used on one computer for personal use. The only exception is the book can be used on two devices owned and used by the same person (such as a desktop PC and Pocket PC). Any copying or distribution of the book is strictly prohibited.

Books and eBooks by the Director

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